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Gaining the Advantage in Business Networking - Visitor's Meeting


Gaining the Advantage in Business Networking - Visitor's Meeting

A new-style business development organisation is encouraging Norfolk professionals to measure the value they receive from networking, as they would other goods and services.

Chris Sanger is a director of Advantage Business Club (ABC) which aims to improve the benefits that business people receive from networking. “Many professionals join and attend a variety of networking groups because they feel it’s something they ‘should be doing’ in order to progress their business. Very few in our experience have ever stopped to measure the value they receive in return for their time and financial investment. Now, more than ever, it is vital that all of our business actions offer a direct and valuable benefit.”

The ABC model involves weekly breakfast meetings that are designed to focus on enabling members to accelerate their businesses by building effective relationships and via supportive business coaching. During the structured meetings members set goals and encourage each other to achieve them, develop business skills with ‘Stepping Stones training modules’, gain advice from co-members in open forum sessions, network and pass validated business referrals.

Members at ABC are actively encouraged to measure a direct return on their investment. A money-back guarantee is offered in the first twelve months.

Chris continues, "We encourage all types of networking and different approaches suit different people, however we do believe that our approach, focused on a unique blend of relationship building and development has the potential to transform the business networking and development sector. The problem, for example, with the kind of large scale networking we call ‘hunting’, where there are often 200 plus in a room, is that in reality you only ever get to speak to a handful of people and then may not cross their path again for some time so do not get to develop the relationship. At ABC we aim to offer an alternative, relevant and measureable style of business development, which we believe addresses some of these issues.”

In addition to his role as director of ABC, Chris runs a successful business coaching consultancy. He has over 20 years experience in sales, management and leadership roles with both independents and PLCs. His fellow directors at ABC are MBA qualified business consultant, Tom Yeung, who has worked for a number of leading household brands in a variety of commercial roles and IT expert, Kevin Bruns, who brings a wealth of experience building network related businesses across the UK.

ABC is inviting guests to join them for a visitors’ breakfast on Thursday 25th November, where they can find out more this innovative approach to networking. The event will be held at The Maid’s Head Hotel in Norwich, from 7.00am to 8.30am. The cost, which includes a full English breakfast, is £10.00 on the day.

To book a place, please contact Chris Sanger on or telephone 0844 357 1350.

ABC Advantage Business Club, Maid's Head Hotel, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1LD

Tel: 0844 357 1350

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