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 Norwich 20 Group Back Underground

Norwich 20 Group Back Underground

Open daily 12noon to 5pm. Norwich 20 Group Back Underground, featuring new large works and 3D installations follows Norwich 20 Group’s successful first visit to The Undercroft in March 2014, during the group’s 70th anniversary year.

Forty N20G artists, plus three invited artists who work in installation media, Viv Castleton, Ivan Chambers and Lloyd Smith, are producing work specially for the exhibition. Ivan Chambers and Lloyd Smith graduated from Norwich University of the Arts last summer.

There will be work from both long-serving and newer members; Geoffrey Lefever, an abstract artist, joined the group in 1965 and David Lakshmanasamy, who produces 3D installations, has just joined N20G after serving one year as a licentiate member.

Norwich 20 Group, The Undercroft (below Norwich War Memorial), Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1NH

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