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The Anna Mudeka Band 19:30

The Anna Mudeka Band 19:30

The Anna Mudeka Band 19:30

The Anna Mudeka Band plays music rooted in the Mbira music of Zimbabwe, they have created a unique sound which they call chimurenga pop. The sound is full of colour, vibrance, happiness and spice. The performance is aimed at familes to come along and enjoy together and can have singing or dance workshops linked to it. The Anna Mudeka Band is a colloboration of Anna Mudeka, main vox, Glynnis Masuku, Bac vox, Jonathan Threadwell, Guitar, Jose Ferrera, Congas, Justin Ellingworth, Bass, Sefo Kanuteh, Kora, Tom Eagle, Drumkit.

Running Time: 90 mins (20 min interval)

Per person: £5. Group of 4: £15.00

Creative Arts East, Downham Market Library, The Priory Centre, 78 Priory Road, Downham Market, Norfolk, PE38 9JS

Tel: 01366 383073

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