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“Thursday Lunch Wine Tasting Club”


“Thursday Lunch Wine Tasting Club”

Bijou bottles Wine Merchant and St Giles House hotel


“Thursday Lunch Wine Tasting Club”

What is our Wine Tasting Club?
Have you ever heard of a book club? Well, a wine tasting club is very similar except of course the focus is on wine, not books. Like a book club a wine tasting club is a social gathering. The wine tasting club meets monthly to taste, judge, and discuss wine. Wine tasting clubs are educational but are mostly a way to enjoy friends and have loads of fun.

Every second Thursday of each month bijou bottles will run a tasting of a minimum of 10 wines which will follow by a set lunch. You will be able to taste all the wines, get some information about them and discuss the wine with us , friends and colleagues in a very fun and relax way.

The tasting will be starting at mid day and finish at 14.30. You are able to arrive at any time in the bracket and will be able to go for your lunch from 12.30 to 15.00.

Please note: Group of 4 and more will get their ticket at £17.50/session. Limit availability.

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St Giles House hotel

41-45 St. Giles Street,


TEL: 01603 275180

Bijou Bottles LTD, Station business park, horning road west, Hoveton, Norfolk, NR12 8QJ

Tel: 01603784990

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