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LP Creatives production of ‘Treasure Island’ is based on the classic novel with both original and popular songs to drive the tale along. Like the novel, the play with songs begins in an English port town. A young Jim Hawkins is thrown into a world of pirates and treasure maps by the mysterious Billy Bones – a character who refuses to lay down and die.

Jim’s adventures take him on a journey of romance – in the shape of ‘Sea-dog Sally’, a young Tom boy sick of her silver spoon up at the Governors house – and also danger as he meets the infamous ‘Long John Silver’.

Together, with mutiny on the cards and a monkey in the rigging, they sail aboard ‘The Hispaniola’ to Treasure Island – whereupon they are at the mercy of not only the local tribesmen and the hopping mad ‘Ben Gunn’, but also the spooky presence of the dreaded ‘Captain Flint‘.

Their predicaments lead to high spirits and scary spirits alike – but who will finally reach the island and get their hands upon the treasure?

Treasure Island is ideal for theatre goers and families who want to see a truly traditional and all encompassing modern version of a play performed to an expert professional standard by first class actors.

Recommended age 5 and above. The show is aimed at families and as such there will be enough content to keep the adults as enthralled as the children.

”Treasure Island offered enough helpings “Yo ho ho” to satisfy any fan…Full marks for laying on an entertaining show”

The Argus

Sheringham Little Theatre, Sheringham Little Theatre, Sheringham, Norfolk, NR26 8RE

Tel: 01263 822 347

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