Broadland Videos

Video Clips of Broadland

The Norfolk Broads for us locals needs no introduction, but for all our visitors, perhaps these video clips will give you a better understanding of Broadland, what to expect and how best to enjoy your visit.  We will keep adding to these clips, so keep watching this page.  If you have your own suitable short video clips of the Norfolk Broads and would like to share them with the world, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Here is a short clip introducing the southern rivers and broads

The River Yare:

An Introduction to the Norfolk Broads by Nicholas Crane :

Green Boating: By the Broads Authority

How to Negotiate Bridges : Broads Authority:

SpringfieldMount - Produced by G. L. Ward - Herefordshire, a snapshot of life on a 2 week Norfolk Broads Holiday in the 1950's aboard Shining Light From the Herbert Woods Boatyard at Potter Heigham:

In Days of Yore 1954 Atkinson Family Holiday:

Just a bit of fun : Dragon Boat Racing on Oulton Broad: