About Us

About Us

Behind the scenes information on when, why and how 

NorfolkBroads.com Ltd is a family run business based in Norwich which first started as a little idea in 1996 and grew until we produced one of the first directories to appear on the internet representing East Anglia. The NorfolkBroads.com website worked hard promoting Tourism and Business for the Norfolk Broads for over fourteen years.

Late in 2010, we decided to split www.NorfolkBroads.com into areas and produced two more websites www.VisitNorthNorfolk.co.uk and www.VisitSuffolk.co.uk and to concentrate on all three websites becoming Destination websites, especially important because of the expansion of the World tourist market.

In 2015, we launched a new and very innovative destination website www.Discovernorfolk.co.uk that is story and picture driven. This website promotes the whole of Norfolk and its format is proving very successful and attractive to both visitors and advertisers.

In August 2017, we launched our latest version of www.Norfolkbroads.com.  We are avery proud of its presentation, innovation and ease of use.  We hope you like it too!

Using all the experience and knowledge of the internet, we have provided easy to use and informative websites for visitors and advertisers alike and we are constantly upgrading technologies as the internet world evolves, ensuring visiting the virtual Norfolk Broads, Visit North Norfolk and Visit Suffolk and Discover Norfolk are a pleasant and fun experience and one that everyone will want to repeat.

We pride ourselves on keeping our business sharp and the service to our customers and visitors, quick, efficient and cost effective but most importantly, always delivered with a smile and a friendly word.