Explore The Norfolk Broads

Explore The Norfolk Broads

What are the Norfolk Broads?

The peaceful Norfolk Broads lie mostly to the north, east and south east of the cathedral city of Norwich, with thirty calm, shallow lakes fringed with reeds, alder or willow. They are interlinked by a series of rivers and man-made dyes to form around 200 miles of navigable waterways in serene countryside. Due to the unique nature of the area, the Norfolk Broads and its slow-moving rivers and silent marshes make for an exquisite place to explore our native wildlife and catch migrating birds that visit the area on route as a respite from their mammoth journey south. 

Flora and Fauna

The Broads are mainly a fresh water environment, where the likes of the British Otter population seem to be making a welcome come back because of the quality of the water and the surrounding landscape. The marshland and reed beds amongst the waterways of the Norfolk Broads make the area a happy hunting ground for many kinds of birds.  During the summer season as the unique flora attracts a variety of insects, dragonflies and butterflies and beautiful lilies flourish, hugging the riverbanks and little inlets.

Life in, on and around the Norfolk Broads can be one long fun adventure. From their first moment in this world, children brought up on the Norfolk Broads have so many opportunities to explore and experience nature at its very best and if the water is the draw, who wouldn't like to live the Swallows and Amazons story? There are some fun videos capturing the idyllic family boating holidays on the rivers in the 1950's, perhaps not that much about the waterways and marshes has changed in the following years!


The beautiful beaches along the coast that caress the edges of the Broads to the inland waterways, fens and marshes providing an ever changing playground for the adventurers amongst us.

For those romantic and gentle souls, the peaceful agricultural landscape does give way from time to time to reveal magical woods, mystical grand houses and fairy tale villages, hiding seemingly lost and just waiting to be discovered.

The Broads and rivers know no boundaries and frequently meander across the border into Suffolk.  These Suffolk Broads are of equal importance but they do get lumped into the collective of the Norfolk Broads.  Click on the live link for more information on the Suffolk Broads 


For those history buffs, the The Broads have played a major role in the development of commerce in Norfolk and in Suffolk, with the trading wherries moving huge cargoes plying between the inland waters and the coast. Its countryside also contributes massively to the supply of food, not to mention the malting barley used for great beers and whisky. 

Come and explore the Norfolk Broads and as the tale starts, release your inner child and experience all that you can, but be warned it is a never ending story!

What to expect when exploring the Norfolk Broads

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