Broads Aerials

Aerial Photos of the Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads are beautiful when experiencing them by boat on the rivers or walking through the marshes and exploring them on foot, but they are stunning when viewed from the air and respect must be given to the ancient people who created them using nothing much more than bone implements and muscle power.

From these photos, we can see how close the Norfolk Broads are to the sea and that they are constantly under threat from flooding.  The last time a breach of the sea defences occurred was the massive storms in 1952 which devastated the East Coast. This  area is highly sensitive and is a haven to unique wildlife and plant species, so any incursion of salt water would be devastating.

Enjoy the photographs below, taken by a local pilot, John Fielding

Barton Broad located on the upper reaches of the River Ant

Filby and Rollesby Broads

They are part of  The Trinity Broads which, although they are connected to each other, have no navigable connection to the rest of the broads and rivers.

Hickling Broad is located on the River Thurne

Breydon Water connects the River Bure to the River Waveney and River Yare.

We will endeavour to add more aerial pictures to this article, as and when they become available.