Charging Points

Electric Boat Charging Points

Electric boats are a cleaner and greener way to explore The Norfolk Broads and throughout the rivers and waterways that make up Broadland, a network of charging points are available to service the electric day boats, private or hired. More day boats are being turned over to electric engines and more private boats are being built as greener and cleaner, so it is handy to know where the nearest charging point is.

The points are operated with charging cards costing £1 from outlets throughout the Broads.

To support electric boating, the Broads Authority introduced a tolls incentive which gives electric boats a 25 per cent discount on annual tolls paid for other motor craft.


Sutton Staithe - Sutton Staithe Boatyard and Simpson's Boatyard in Stalham

Dilham Staithe

Potter Heigham - post office stores

Hoveton - Broads information centre and Norfolk Marine Chandlers Ltd

Horning - Tidings newsagents

Ranworth - Granary stores and teashop

Stokesby - Riverside tearooms and stores, Acle Bridge stores and Acle post office

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station

Norwich Yacht Station and Broads Authority (Yare House)

Whitlingham - Broads information centre

Bramerton - Snugtopz marine store, Ferry House Surlingham, Brundall Bay Marina, Broom Boats and Silverline Marine

Rockland Staithe - Rockland St Mary post office and stores and New Inn Rockland

Hardley Mill - Hardley Mill Trust

Reedham - Reedham post office and Quay ranger's hut

Loddon - Bridge stores and Rosie Lee's tearoom

Burgh Castle - Goodchild Marina, Burgh Castle Marine

St Olaves

Cards are also sold at Whispering Reeds boatyard, Hickling, at Jeckells and Sons, Oulton Broad, and at Mutford Lock Harbourmaster, Oulton Broad.


Step 1

• Only connect one boat to one socket

• Check your cable is not damaged and is a

continuous length without joins

• Disconnect all electrical equipment

• Ensure all electrical connections are clean and free

from moisture

• Arrange cable so it will not fall in the water if it

becomes disconnected

Ensure cable is not a trip hazard or obstruction

Step 2

• Connect cable to boat

• Make sure the circuit breakers are switched on

• Lift pillar socket cover and insert plug

• Lift relevant card meter cover and insert card with

magnetic strip facing up, arrows towards the meter

• Check the display, it will show £1 credit - the card is

now used and should be removed and disposed of

• Check the small red neon light is on - it shows

power is still available

• If you have followed these steps and the pillar is

not working please report the fault to:

Broads Control 01603 756056

or 01603 610734

Step 3 - Disconnecting

• Disconnect all electrical equipment on your boat

• Disconnect cable from pillar

• Disconnect cable from boat

• Replace all covers

• Please remember to disconnect before leaving

the mooring

• Coil cable and store in a dry place

All information kindly supplied by The Broads Authority. For downloadable leaflets and maps, click the following link

A step by step guide and location maps